Iteration Series 1. Click on the image for a detail view

Inkjet print on cut japanese paper
Approx. 60 x 48 inches

I was interested in exploring images of tree branches as a metaphor for the interconnectedness of things. The branches of trees look like thoughts, brain scans, and images of synapses. When I look out at the sea of bare trees outside my house in the winter, the layers of bare branches map the depth of the space, but the depth is only really perceptible when one moves. Then the depth and the relationship of trees to each other becomes apparent. Trees are separate entities when they have space, but once they are crowded, they become more like one organism. When one tree falls, it takes down others. The world is becoming more interconnected in this way. You donít see the density and structure until you move around, and you donít necessarily know what is supporting what, and what the effect will be if something falls. All things that branch out, roads, lightning bolts, rivers, smoke, plants, internet, wealth, organized religion and urban sprawl are all open systems. All the edges are in some way permeable.

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