Globular Cluster: Cut Paper Wall Installation

This is the culmination of work from 2007, and is based largely on Ernst Haeckel’s scientific illustrations from the mid-1800’s of single-celled organisms and protozoa.

Each ellipse approximately 11x14x1inch. Inkjet prints on cut japanese paper, insect pins.

After a piece is cut, I crumple the piece into a tight ball about the size of a marble. When the piece is opened up and spread out, the whole character and impact of the webbed structure is transformed.

Before the pieces are crumpled, they resemble some sort of cross between lace doilies and scientific diagrams. After they have been wadded up, the wrinkles, creases, and irregularities of the previously regular pattern evoke images of the skins and husks of things that are no longer alive, but somehow still capable of movement.

The cut, crumpled, and stretched paper has an internal tension and compression that, hopefully, begins to mimic the ubiquitous push and pull that is a part of life, and a part of all aspects of our known universe.

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