Work from 2010

Cut Paper


In the fall of 2009 I began cutting out the interiors of paper shapes, exchanging the positive space for the negative space and assembling fractal-like paper objects in the process. The paper components are the culmination of exploring mathematical progression and calculated chance, arriving at a process that appears to mimic nature’s way of ‘growing’ form. This methodical, but also improvisational process of building a form can cause shapes or even ideas to fold in on themselves, spiraling to a concentrated center point. Conversely, this process can also create a propulsion, moving the form outward and forward. Another aspect of this work is the reversal of space. If I stare into a tangle of tree branches for a period of time and unfocus my eyes, the branches eventually become space and the space becomes the physical, dimensional thing. Iteration Grid takes advantage of this reversal, where the original ‘space shapes’ and the resulting forms are more real and more present than the objects that previously existed around the shapes.

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